* Broilers
* Laying hens
* Dams
* Turkeys
* Ducks
* Weaned piglets
* Fattening pigs
* Farrowing sows
* Pregnant sows
* Young cattle
* White veal calves
* Roséveal calves
* Horses
* Goats
* Rabbits
* Fur animals (minks)
* Smoke machine
* Smoke canisters
* Smoke patterns



Therefore a system of Scan-Air!

Inlet valves by Scan-Air are well known. This is because a system of Scan-Air brings the following benefits to you:
 Good and durable 
 Better results 
 Low maintenance 
 Low energy costs 
 Less medical expenses 
 Smart, so cost effective, building
Many advantages!
For each stable Scan-Air offers ventilation by means of curved or straight flaps and slides. Low energy costs, because of a lower air resistance created with a smooth surface. 
Also you will experience fewer problems in your stable, because a better climate leads to a better result. After all, by customization the ventilation system is tailored to your stable and so better tuned. It’s a matter of right sizing! Including the previously discussed low energy costs, but also by low maintenance, because our products are easy to clean. Efficiency at its best!
Comfortable climate, less costs
In addition, you will have less medical expenses, because the animals are less likely to get sick in stables where air inlets of Scan-Air have been applied. In developing there is a lot of attention in case of hygiene aspects. Because of the combination possibilities (e.g. with Windows) you can build smart, what brings you lower costs. Also you can take advantage of less transport costs by our ' knock-down-system ': everything is available in parts,  as a building package.


Save up to 70% on transportation costs, by packaging Optiflex products unassembled.